City alarmist

Aug 22

The opinion given that the proposal of Tagum City Councilor Alfredo Pagdilao is alarmist is quite true an insight. The extent of youth gang involvement in the city isn’t yet alarming and it is still manageable as assessed no less than by the City Police Chief Dario Gunabe. Councilor Joey Millan somehow questioned his colleague Councilor Mylene Baura who first floated about the report on gangs saying that he expected her to provide the city council a thorough report on the matter, but Baura unfortunately was deeply stuck on her seat on last Monday’s session.

The issue of youth gangs shouldn’t be toyed around since it could endanger our loitering minors and youths into going to the slaughterhouse of the innocents like what allegedly had happened to the deviant minors like the rugby boys and girls in Davao City sometime in the past.

The police chief was just right in his attribution to the root cause of this emerging problem-that it starts at home. The minors could not be blamed for their joining in gangs since they might have not been cared nor loved right at home and they then seek for a release outlet, one of which unfortunately is the gang, which he said revolves around the concept of belongingness. He called for the parents’ active joining as well as the other sectors in our society like the schools, the teachers, government’s social welfare agencies, women and children’s desks and others to the cause of eliminating the starting up youth gangs in the city.

The proposal of Pagdilao which was right way supported by Millan is really an alarmist one. We have not yet heard of a city in Mindanao that has also a siren like Iligan City that sounds off when people have been sleeping already or are about to go to sleep, or at a different time besides the 12:00 noon and 5:00 PM sirens. What? You want the school children already sleeping to wake up at 9:30 PM just to go back sleeping again?

The proposal also runs counter to Mayor Uy’s policy of giving free night entertainment to Tagumenyos at the Freedom Park to enliven the City of Bands and of Pines . Rightly, it could automatically give “lonely nights” to the city as only the mature and aged could be seen at night after flushing out the teeners and the young from the city’s entertainment facilities like the known Gold City .

Foremost, the city isn’t yet a garrison teetering on the martial rule that drives away nightly the venturesome young to return to their respective homes within 30 minutes after the 9:30 PM warning siren has sounded off. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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