NEWS: Tagum City Hall hits pot of gold from habal-habal fines

P.5 M hit for May-July alone

Aug 19

The Tagum City Hall is hitting a pot of gold out largely from violators among the thousands of the colorum habal-habal drivers for failing to wear helmets for one.

The city government from May to July alone this year has already grossed more than P500,000 on the record from fines out from the citation tickets for those violating the helmet ordinance mostly from the habal-habal single motorcycle drivers, and also from temporary operators permits (TOPs) issued by traffic policemen from May to July this year alone.

This was bared by retired Police Inspector Marcos Villanueva Jr, chief of the city’s Traffic Management Division, who was invited by the city council on Tuesday session.

He said that the 2,855 total citation tickets at P150 each issued for the said period could amount to some P228,250 while the balance of the amount can be collected from the 844 TOPs issued.

On the other hand, Councilor Joedel Caasi said that the city had hit more than P1 million in last year’s fines from violators among single motorcycle drivers.

But this is only as far as the records say since not all violators have paid the City Hall’s cashier after they were issued of citation tickets and TOPs.

This is so as city’s traffic officers would only issue citation tickets without getting something as the driver’s license like what the Land Transportation Office personnel and their deputized traffic policemen can do as authorized by law.

Villanueva said that for the months of May and June, only 61 percent and 36 percent of the violators paid the fines, respectively. He has yet no data for July.

Some violators have even violated for several times carrying 3 to 4 citation tickets, advanced Councilor Rey Salve who called for the tough enforcement of the city’s helmet ordinance, saying that “a law without enforcement is no law at all.”

But Villanueva appealed to the city council members present to amend the helmet ordinance which could free traffic enforcers from criminal complaint to effectively carry out its enforcement function.

He also complained over a “outnumbered” traffic enforcers as against the thousands of single motorcycles adding that they not only do apprehending but also man the traffic management in the city.

Councilor Francisco Remitar suggested for hiring of additional traffic enforcers given the good income earned by the city government from fines from traffic violators alone. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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