A challenge to Konsehala Baura


By Cha Monforte

The instance of knowing that there’s unwanted act of a young chatter baring half above her waist before a webcam in one internet café adjacent to girlie videoke bar in the undeclared red light district in Tagum City is giving Councilor Mylene Baura a big challenge to probe on this and craft legislation to protect our women and their children.

May we know from her if such instance might only be a tip of the iceberg. We learned that there’s this city ordinance regulating the operation of internet cafes. Maybe by that, there’s only a need for strict monitoring and enforcement. Or an insertion of stiffer penalty to the internet café operators who tolerate web whoring can be particularly made to right away amend it.

This is in order given that the penalty on pornography is largely lumped with the other illegal acts of online gambling and online hacking, things that are not yet so popular among youth chatters, gamers and web users in our localities.
In this suggested amendment, Baura or any interested councilor should better put the brunt of the penalty provision at the burden of the operators as it is they who know the goings on inside their internet cafes all of the time. They can be considered as the vanguards of morality in their own business establishments. The City Hall monitors should also be directed to do regular covert, surprise visits and perhaps one “caught in the act” of web whoring acts such as breast exposure can bring immediate closure to the Internet café until the operator pays a heavy fine.

The permission of having semi enclosed cubicles inside net cafes needs also a review. While the fixture is meant to protect privacy in web communication, it is used as a little hiding facade in sudden, snappy acts of showing private parts of those indulged and tempted in web whoring. This included the reported sudden bra flipping, which gives difficulties to internet owners to monitor. Why not just implement the typical partition?

The internet café owners too need to be monitored. Who knows some of them have been cracking their own client PCs used by the customers? There are free demo and trial softwares in the net that allow them to do espionage in their own networked computers.

Most importantly, the locational issue of Internet cafes adjacent or just near to girlie videoke bars needs to be resolved and incorporated in the amendment. What to do now with those existing net cafes located just next to the open door of the girlie bars? Will the bar give way or it is the net café? The two could not just be left to serve separately but proximately the tender-aged innocents and the infidel hedonists.

Proponent councilors should not pull the trigger in putting too many restrictions to net use. Self-regulation by net cafe owners and users than censorship is still the best prescription if we are to build a free and global-oriented citizenry. We are in not China after all (although street smarts and the tong-itera town konsehala I know of are saying “in the end China will win”, in a fashion like what China is showing in the current Beijing Olympics). But does this mean an Internet-censored nation is turning many great Olympians? But this is besides the point.

Anyway, interested Tagum councilors need to be informed that at no time in our history have the widows, wives unhappy of their husbands, single ladies wanting to marry foreigners for greener pasture, old maids and still unhappy wives wanting to flee from the bondage of their poor or battering husbands have been most happy than now at the age of the Internet.

Chatting in the Internet through the popular Yahoo Messenger (YM) is giving these types of women hope that is near and immediate compared in the past when the prospect of marrying a foreigner could be hardly realized through the snail’s mails.

In my observation, most of the older women of these types who chat with foreigner strangers from anywhere in the cyberspace chat with the hope of marrying a rich foreigner and of extricating themselves from unhappy lives with their husbands and from economic straits. This is my hunch. And they are now so happy for having this great opportunity to get a new lease of their lives, thanks or no thanks to the Internet.

But protecting our women and children through local legislation at the age of the Internet is urgent. Being a mortal man’s greatest invention now, the Internet also spews out devilish machinations, frauds and scams of online sex maniacs, exhibitionists, nudists, pedophiles, swindlers and cheaters that prey on our young and innocents.

This is every Mylene’s concern especially those who chair the women committee in our legislative councils. (For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com, email: ruralurbanews@yahoo.com)


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