Mylene’s fear

Tagum City Councilor Mylene Baura is showing her feminine, motherly touch when she calls the parents to take care of their student youths who might fall prey of the gangs and be involved with the gang wars. She has also called on other sectors to her new fight saying that the problem of gang can be solved by the collective efforts of the all. True, this particular problem that emerged in the City of the Pines is not only a government or police matter.

It’s also commendable that the lady legislator and the city police department under the watchful command of Police Superintendent Dario Gunabe have slated school symposium drive to prevent the youths and students from falling prey of the gangs. The police will not also hesitate to bring the youth offenders to children desks and social welfare departments for rehabilitation.

This is a tough act of Councilor Mylene. Local legislators, although they are foremost expected to excel in legislation than execution, but practical ways would have legislators go beyond the act of legislating as they are also expected to do extracurricular community service, while getting knowledge from the ground on what the people really need, not least legislations that would improve their lot.

We don’t debate on this. Legislators, too, are politicians and being politicians, in good sense, they are expected to deal and engage with the public. This is so since politics in the true sense of the word is an art of dealing and making rapport with public. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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