Davao Trade Expo

The Davao Trade Expo is slated on October 23 to 25 at Davao City. It is a trade exposition meant for the local businesses to do business globally. It is one venue which showcases the competitive and unique products and services of the businesses from the localities notably in Davao Region. The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been inviting Tagum City and other cities and provinces in the region and other business chambers in Asia to participate in the trade exposition.

Without doubt, this is one rare event to showcase the unique competitiveness of our localities gleaned from products that could potentially capture a market niche, whether local or foreign. The thrust is uniqueness and this is different to the usual agri-trade fair that we have been witnessing each founding feast of a city or of a town.

Exposing the local products or services that have potential to be bought or availed in a wide market is a challenge of every local government in the region. A budget for this is therefore in order, whether or not LGU officials have stake on the products or services to be included in the exposition. After all, when local products or services get customers and clients, the localities in the end get benefited from the business growth of whosoever owned them.(Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews.blogspot.com


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