NEWS: Tagum City councilor rides on Lily Hammer Troop

Tagum City Councilor Francisco Remitar is now riding at the helm of the Lily Hammer Troop following his baptizing of fire in a Boy Scout training he recently attended.

Full of fresh zeal, the councilor reported before his colleagues during Monday’s city council session in Tagum about his becoming a full-pledged Boy Scout master and patrol leader of the Lily Hammer Troop that swept most of the red ribbons to emerge as the champion in competitions during a recently concluded Boy Scout basic training course in the city that a threesome of his colleagues had also attended.

Councilors Reynaldo Salve, Vicente Eliot and Nick Suaybaguio Jr , he said, had also earned the title of scout masters.

So with Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr.

As he called his other colleagues to once again become Boy Scouts, Remitar did not mince words in thanking that he got more knowledge in scouting that has obviously captivated him.

On the prodding of scouter Salve, Remitar reported that his Lily Hammer Troop bagged 9 red ribbons for the first placer, 2 yellow ribbons for the second placer and 1 green ribbon for the third placer, earning them overall points to become the champion patrol in the training competitions and games competed by over 80 participants.

He informed that the Tagum Boy Scout Jamboree will be held in October at the Energy Park.

Remitar’s jolly reporting earned him accolades and guffaws from the floor.
“It lightens our first day,” quipped Conrado Hernaez, executive director of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce, who guested in Monday’s shortest session of the city council to invite the city government to join the slated Davao Trade Expo on October 23 to 25 at Davao Convention Center in the premier city of Davao. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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