The Question Hour

aug 5

We see yesterday’s question hour of the Tagum City Council session as not only a spectacle of people’s participation in governance but also local show of a democracy in action. Even if the City Council was slammed by the affected landowners on its continuing probe of a clearly unauthorized land conversion and development, but people’s expression including heaving of self-serving disgusts before the august turf of the council elected need not be tempered and tolerated, as the councilors had let one or two went off yesterday, if only to secure an unfettered democratic spirit in the city, in making it a fuller city that braves to face even the oddest towards realizing its fullest development.

Now, alas, we’ve seen that the Question Hour isn’t a monologue, nor dialogue. Like in yesterday’s affair, it can be a multi-forum where an issue or issues are threshed out by various affected stakeholders wanting to settle or resolve the issue or issues being contended, while bones of contentions are threshed out, challenged and rebutted, and facts- and notes-gathering are made on the broadside to take stock in aid of local legislations.

Now here’s one that shows a healthy side in our local legislative mill. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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