NEWS: Ramil confirms bid to run for Congress

aug 2

Compostela Valley Governor Ramil Gentugay has confirmed reports that has been circulating and heard even by well-wishers during Thursday’s fiesta of Monkayo town that he is running for congressman in the 1st District by 2010.

“Since the position of the congressman is open in the upcoming election, I am making myself available to the possibility, “ he said.

The vice governor has for several times shied away from the local press to elude answering the query of whether he would be taking a crack for the congressional post since the recent weeks after the Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay went ahead declaring her own to be interested to get the post of his third-termer father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora.

Over two weeks ago in at least two public gatherings attended by barangay officials and Cong. Zamora’s scholars, Apsay had made known early her bid to run for the district’s congressional post.

Instead, Gentugaya was quoted as saying it was still too early to talk for his running. He was always seen to be accompanying Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy in various barangay visits and public gatherings. “It’s all for official functions, trabaho muna tayo,” the vice governor once said.

Last month, the governor was quoted as saying that “Ramil is most senior than Maricar” although sources said Uy also often talked to his allies that “he had prior commitment to Maricar”.

Sources said apparently the governor is in a difficult situation in breaking an early impasse on where to side in a brewing contest between Gentugaya and Apsay as both now have publicly made known their interests for the congressional post.

In the Lakas-Kampi party’s rule on the equity of the incumbent, Gentugaya appears to be the rightful party member who is most senior in terms of position and number of terms. He has four terms earned since 1999 as provincial official, two of which as vice governor. Apsay has only two terms as regular board member since 2004 and one term as Sangguniang Kabataan federation chair in the undivided Davao del Norte.

Ramil became a full-pledged Lakas member in 2001 while Apsay became one in 2004.

But Apsay has the full backing of his father, who is completing his last term.

Cong Zamora is reportedly gunning for the mayoral post in Compostela town where he established his congressional office cum second residence after his Monkayo residence since his first term in 2001, while lobbying his daughter to become the next district’s congresswoman.

“Everytime Way Kurat is in Compostela, he sleeps there,” a town resident said.

Last July 21 during the turnover of the Lakas provincial chairmanship of former Cong. Prospero Amatong to Uy at Nabunturan, the provincial elder Amatong spoke before party officials and partymates saying at once that the political unity in the province should be protected from intrigues coming from among themselves and that unity demands one to make personal sacrifices.

Uy in that gathering on the other hand had declared that nobody would be left behind in the merged Lakas-Kampi party that he is now heading. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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