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NEWS: Davao del Norte, Comval electric coop asks P30 M share from “Katas ng VAT”; To benefit a half of 120,000 members

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july 25

The Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative has asked a P30-million share from the national government’s ‘Pantawid sa Kuryente Katas ng VAT’ program.

Some 60,000 member-consumers having monthly electric consumption of 100 kilowatt hour or lower are potential beneficiaries of the more than P30 million share requested from President Arroyo’s subsidy program based on Daneco’s records on low-electricity consuming members, said Daneco general manager Edgardo Savellano in an interview yesterday.

He said he is expecting for the subsidy to arrive next month and he will subsequently effect a credit memo of P500 in the electric bills of low-electricity consuming members particularly for those consuming only 100 kilowatt hour or less in month.

Daneco’s request transmitted Tuesday through the National Electrification Administration (NEA), the chosen conduit of the President’s power consumption subsidy funded out from the Value Added Tax earnings.

NEA will first evaluate then approve our request, said Daneco public relations chief Allan Laniba.

Laniba explained that the P500 credit will be entered and deducted by the bill of concerned members and in case there will still be balance of P500 credit it will be carried over to the next month’s billing until it is consumed.

Daneco has over 120,000 member-consumers at present.

For its 37 years of existence now, Daneco is already billionaire cooperative deriving about P1.2-billion operating revenue as of November 2007, per report of Daneco official website on

The electric cooperative covers the entire Compostela Valley and most of Davao del Norte areas including the Island Garden of Samal.

It has already energized 100 percent of the barangays under its coverage areas, the Daneco website stated. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

A session in turmoil

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By Cha Monforte

july 25

It was towards the mid 90s then that I had honor and privilege to participate in tearjerker spectacle of a so riotous session of one Sangguniang Bayan. Your honors, it was not one of your own, to smoke now a pipe of peace. That time the pipe dream of each development worker of national government agencies was the mainstreaming of local policies not yet institutionalized in local government units towards national thrusts. The riotous session, I should say, occurred one day in one of the lands of Christian braves in Misamis Oriental.

The town pioneer Christian migrants had all repulsed slave-taking Moro pirates at the time when Christian settlements began and they started swashbuckling the Mindanao fertile lands in the name of the Land of Promise. But during the Marcos time, the town hall was seized for hours at bay by New People’s Army rebels during the peak of their strength towards the mid 80s.

In an area coordinator’s words of lobbying, networking, advocacy and institutionalization, and for pursuing these I was enthrusted to a situation where the other NGO lingo which was already mouthed by DILG functionaries- capability- or capacity-building ought to be given as an urgent intervention to the local sanggunian I was in.

As a sidetrip to this, NGO words that already penetrated into the grooves of archaic Philippine bureaucracy, and even into the millennium agenda for sustainable development of the United Nations are partly if not largely the result of the traffic of advocacies of the vibrant NGO movement in the post-EDSA days.

There was turmoil in that session as smokes from cigarette-smoking councilors came to envelop the session hall while they were deliberating. Even Sedrick, the municipal secretary, was smoking. There was virtually no house rules as there was a thin line of parliamentary procedure and suspension of rules while councilors did their mumbo-jumbo of impromptu Cefilis (Cebuano, Filipino and English) deliberation without being recognized by the presiding vice mayor, who had also an ashtray beside his gavel. Even the fat Sedrick participated with gusto in rescuing councilors who hit a brake midway in the air in suspended animations of staring up the ceilings as they emptily groped for the missing English words to complete their argumentation.

But this calls to mind a high school teacher in town who after hitting a long brake in the ceiling of asking his students to bring the grasshook (ah class tomorrow, you bring…. you bring…you bring…), he shortly saved himself after long pauses by immediately turning bisdak (bisayang dako) …. Ah basta magdala mo ug sanggot ugma!

For always groping for the foreign English words, in the next breath, the councilors, kinsa nagka-because-because na gyud sa ilang Eninglish, sans a motion for the suspension of the house rules, effectively transformed the bellicose situation they were in into one no-holds-barred bisdak session! It was then when the fat of the English-prolific Sedrick, an MSUan, loosened out as the bisdak councilors locked their horns so now articulate in their argumentation yet amid a boisterous tempo, and nary the house rules, while the cigar’s smoke continued to hover up the session hall.

In the gala of bisdak councilors, I became one bisdak too when I was called in as guest. Then I heard silence and had a sweet time talking with them without a grilling while the fat Sedrick, who was ensconced in an upper deck, joyously puffed his cigarette while listening along with the other smoking councilors. I thanked them for the pleasure of being with them and for putting across a national agenda for the homeless and disadvantaged, which they vowed to localize soonest. I learned a lot from them.

BLOGBITS: Lopoz for VG? Somebody said lately that Boardmember Atty. Dexter Arvin Lopoz of Montevista could be a good vice gubernatorial material of Gob. Chiongkee. Well, the 1st District BM Atty. Dex is Top 2 in 2000 bar exams with only ½ percent edge from the Top 1 rating. He’s tubong Nabunturan, too. Actually, he’s more a Nabunturanon than a Montevistanon, which gives him good edge to a Mawabnon Ruwel Gonzaga, who has already seen his best of times as a VG until that INC incident…. Atty Dex is now saturating the 1st District, and anybody can bank on his popularity as a topnotch lawyer if he’ll go campaigning for the 2nd District…. Speaker Nogie is also Top 2 but he finished his law in Manila. Top 1 Koko Pimentel graduated from UP. He grew up in Manila sa piling ni Tatay, Sen. Nene. Atty. Dex is a record holder in Mindanao for landing the highest yet in the bar as a graduate of a law school in Mindanao… Although a first-termer, but Atty. Dex proves now and to all and sundry he can deliver most of the provincial legislations including the hard ones, of course…It is said that there’s jinx in the Comval vice gubernatorial seat, where the sitter sits only once. But VG Ramil broke the jinx to smithereens, for being a politician not in a hurry. He waited for 2 terms but it’s already “now or never” for him for Congress 2010. Maybe, the jinx is actually an alternate: ex-VG “Reynab” Navarro is a non-lawyer, ex VG Ruwel is a lawyer, and present VG Ramil is a non-lawyer…Maybe a lawyer again by 2010 … Why not Atty. Dex when he’s got the Top 2. He can be a No. 2 to a reelectionist governor…Gob Chiongkee though has still a vast leeway of picking who his right VG is. He can pick a rose and cut away its petals one after another while whispering… she loves me, she loves me not. No pun intended to a gracious Maria out there in Comval SP… Talking of other Comval bar topnotcher. Atty Rodolfo “Tay Pope” Rapista was the 19th Placer in 1973. I still don’t know if Davao del Norte has one.

NEWS: Family of hit-and-run victim seeks P3 M compensation from Nabunturan LGU

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July 24

The family of a former barangay captain who was killed in a vehicular accident involving a municipal dumptruck is seeking for payment of P3-million liability compensation from the municipal government of Nabunturan.

Former poblacion barangay captain Nestor Palay was driving his single motorcycle when he was suddenly bumped off by a fast running dumptruck driven by municipal employee Rio Mira, who in the traffic accident report did a hit-and-run after the incident last June 27 at Purok 15 at the poblacion. Palay was still brought to the hospital where he later died.

Earlier, Mayor Macario Humol offered the family a compensation amounting to P100,000 from the third party liability insurance through the Government Service Insurance System with a waiver from suit. The Palay family refused.

Last Monday, the Office of the Mayor received the last and final demand for the payment of compensation from the Lopoz and Lopoz Group, the law firm tapped by the Palay heirs to secure liability compensation from the municipal government.

In the demand letter, Humol is given 15 days to settle the matter amicably, otherwise the Palay heirs will be filing criminal, civil and administrative cases against the municipal government.

The Palay family had accordingly spent about P500,000 for the hospital and related expenses.

The law firm said that subsidiary liability for damages for Palay are justified as undoubtedly and by public knowledge the victim was once a public official of the municipality and “his reputation is beyond question.”

The demand letter was jointly signed by three brother lawyers Atty. Rex Jasper Lopoz, Atty. Arvin Dexter Lopoz and Atty. Jaime M. Lopoz, Jr. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Successful Araw ng Nabunturan but…Town dad files measure to correct wrong Araw to June 23

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By Cha Monforte

July 24

The Araw ng Nabunturan was successfully celebrated yesterday for the town’s 51st founding anniversary but Councilor Raul Caballero has wanted that the next Araw be celebrated on June 23 and not July 23 to correct a historical error.

Caballero called the attention of his colleagues on this on Tuesday’s session as he filed a resolution rectifying the date of the creation of Nabunturan as a municipality from July 23, 1957 to June 23, 1957 and hence celebrating the Araw ng Nabunturan every June 23 and not July 23 every year.

Based of newly discovered evidence the councilor retrieved from the Office of the President, he presented that House Bill No. 4770 entitled “AN ACT DIVIDING THE MUNICIPALITY OF COMPOSTELA, PROVINCE OF DAVAO, INTO TWO MUNICIPALITIES, ONE TO RETAIN THE NAME “COMPOSTELA” AND THE OTHER TO BE KNOWN AS THE MUNICIPALITY OF NABUNTURAN” became a law on June 23, 1957, without the signature of President Carlos P. Garcia by virtue of the provisions of Article VI, Section 29 (1) of the 1935 Constitution.

Caballero said that prior June 23, 1957 House Bill No. No. 4770 was passed by the House of Representatives on May 14, 1956, enacted as Republic Act No. 2038 by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled on the fourth session on January 28, 1957, and finally passed by the Senate on April 25, 1957.

He said that there is a need to rectify the historical error of making July 23, 1957 as the date of the creation of the municipality of Nabunturan and to celebrate the municipality’s founding anniversary every June 23 instead of July 23 every year for the sake of correctness and truth.

Caballero attached to his resolution a copy of Republic Act No. 2038 with a certification from the Office of President stating that the real date when the House Bill No. 4770 “became a law on June 23, 1957, without the signature of the President, by virtue of the provisions of Article VI, Section 29 (1) of the Constitution.”.

The councilor asked that copies of his resolution when already approved be forwarded and furnished to all government offices and agencies operating, barangays, puroks, schools, sectors and all parties in Nabunturan for information dissemination purposes.

Dumfounded by Caballero’s newly discovered evidence, his colleagues had it immediately referred to a committee for final probe, study and recommendation. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

The way it should not be

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By Cha Monforte

July 24

Local legislation involves passage of resolutions and ordinances. By its two-face character, local legislators such as barangay kagawads, municipal councilors and provincial boardmembers are therefore expected to produce either or both of these local policy instruments. And as expected resolutions which are easier done come to be the mainstay and consist the bulk of the legislations of local legislative councils, not only in Tagum City but as well as to any other sanggunian in the country. Just browse the Internet and lo, we have easy tons of these.

It’s good that the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines is reportedly coming out what the Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon said as an E-Legis project. Well, it’s an electronic shareware project where important legislations in all city governments would be compiled in one huge database and shared online to the public. We hope a parallel effort will be made for municipal and provincial legislations.

But it still matters most if each city or municipal government will do the act of being transparent. The Tagum City councilors could not have been suspected of having lackluster legislative performance in delivering hard legislations that come out from no-nonsense researches relevant and demanded by the locals if the City Hall official website itself was peppered with updated and all of the city resolutions and ordinances, regardless how recurring and trivial they may be especially when it comes to resolutions. That way the public can know the range and quality of our local legislation and who among our legislators are prolific, industrious and creative, otherwise who among them are swivel-chair deadwoods and lazy. A resolution although easier to be made still entails or shows phases of works of our local legislators such as concept-making, writing, field investigation, coordination and consultation with involved stakeholders, committee hearing and works and finally the introduction, debate if need be, and the passage of the piece of legislation.

But what could differ from the chaff to the grain is the proof of hard legislation that has impact to the local constituents – that which help them, alleviate their plight, open opportunities for their empowerment and welfare, promote the greatest good for the greatest number of the constituents and develop the communities where the local legislators are mandated to serve. They are after all paid of the precious people’s money to legislate and not to do the known three Ps: pungko (sit), paminaw (listen) and pauli (go home). It’s the way it should not be.

BLOGBITS: Comval Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay appears on the offensive. By first declaring she’s running for the 1st congressional district to fill into the shoes of her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, who is now on his last term, she has pulled a fast one outbidding Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya, whom Gov. Chiongkee Uy has earlier described as “most senior than Maricar” in the Lakas-Kampi’s equity of the incumbent policy. That’s from the horse’s mouth but BM Maricar is putting the cart before the horse….Remember that VG Ramil has greater position as vice governor lording over lower boardmembers like BM Maricar. Ramil has 2 terms as BM (1 as SK fed prexy, 1 elected), and 2 terms as VG, so that’s a total of 4. BM Maricar on the otherhand has 1 term as SK fed prexy plus 2 BM terms. Precisely, a greater 4 is not equal to a lower 3…. VG Ramil is no pushover. It hurts to imply: that since BM Maricar is running for congress, she’s not thinking that Ramil will jump from the mammoth Lakas-Kampi ship. Not now when Gov. Chiongkee got the Lakas-Kampi provincial chairmanship. As they say, in the end blood is thicker than water… Belated happy birthday to Gov. Chiongkee who turned 56 the other day (July 22). The gov is younger than Cong. Way Kurat, 58 (November 16, 1950), provincial elder Pros Amatong, 71 (October 18, 1931), former Gov. Joecab, 58 (March 22, 1950), but older than Cong. Bobong Amatong, 47 (October 5, 1961). Forgive the dates, compliments from the net, aside that that’s just for the kongkos and political gatecrashers around…. Nabunturanons innocently got it all wrong for 51 years in celebrating their Araw including yesterday on July 23 on wrong date. Councilor Raul Caballero discovered a new evidence that the real Araw date is June 23, and not July 23. It was June 23, 1957 that Republic Act No. 2038 became a law as certified by the Office of the President Carlos P. Garcia. The law divided the then bigger Compostela town into two – Compostela and Nabunturan. Next year folks we’ll celebrate the Araw on real date- which is June 23 and not July 23 for the sake of correctness and truth. Kons. Raul has made a legacy of truth for his townmates.(For online edition, visit my blog at:

NEWS: Tagum SP official reports show scarce hard legislations

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By Cha Monforte

July 23

The official reports of the Tagum City Council appear to show scarce hard ordinances crediting for the current city councilors.
In two recent bi-annual issues of the Sanggunian Digest furnished the other day to Sidlak, official records would show that the present City Council under the leadership of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon have only delivered at least six hard ordinances or those non-recurring, rare and research-based, non-pro-forma ordinances.
From July to December 2007, the present City Council only enacted at least four major and noteworthy ordinances which include the establishment of the city vocational/ technical educational scholarship program of Tagum City and its guidelines, the development, conservation and management of the fisheries and aquatic resources in the city, declaration of Musikahan sa Tagum Festival, and the adoption of the mace with the official seal of the Sanggunian Panglungsod.
The rest is mostly recurring ordinances augmenting budget appropriations across the City Hall departments, projects and activities,  counting at least 27, and at least four ordinances about reverting amounts to be made available for subsequent appropriations.
Two ordinances on the same period are apparently spot zoning ordinances,one from agricultural to industrial, the other from agricultural to memorial park.
The two bi-annual issues of Sanggunian Digest magazines for 2007 reported though that the City Council enacted 857 resolutions passed and approved, 152 appropriation and other ordinances passed and approved in 169 regular sessions and 3 special sessions.
A personnel from the vice mayor’s office delivered early morning Monday eight issues of Sanggunian Digest magazines to Sidlak office following report charging that the present City Council has not made a single major ordinance and that the the two previous city councils had also lackluster legislative performance based on the the well-updated City Hall’s  website on
Vice Mayor Rellon admitted that that the website was just not updated with uploaded legislative outputs of the present city councilos and immediately called the attention of the city government’s information technology division to make updates “in fairness to the City Council.”
Earlier several city councilors questioned management officials of a radio station in the City named as X88.7 FM for airing a blocktime of two local broadcasters Ben Wang and Manny Pajarito who have been criticizing the City Council for having scarce legislations and lack of floor debates in passing resolutions and ordinances.
The early morning radio program “Uswag Davao Seige” of the two broadcasters was suddenly terminated by the management who reportedly caved in to alleged pressures coming from the City Hall. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

A statesman’s act of VM Rellon

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July 23

It really commendable that Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon played it cool in addressing the issue of zero major legislation that have unruffled some feathers in the City Council. Certainly, there’s grace and poise in him although under pressure in facing the issue based on an honest admission: that public officials have to be reminded when they failed. Rellon’s response to the press is verily also a true leader-statesman’s act, no wonder that he was seeing already places like the Great Wall of China and other isles across the four seas while even young.

His is also verily unlike to the onion-skinned in government who think that public coffers, nay even public records are privately theirs and therefore need to be concealed even if the real test of award-winning governance comes with how you respect, appreciate, nurture and better still institutionalize democracy, transparency and accountability at the heart of productivity, efficiency and effectivity in public service.

Rellon’s leadership aura should better exude to those who want to forsake opportunities and channels of communication of the people to say something for their elected leaders. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: VM Rellon: “City Council’s many legislations are not yet uploaded in the website”

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By Cha Monforte

july 22

Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon has played it cool in responding to the charge that the present City Council has not produced a single major legislation, saying even that he thanked the local press for letting them know of the oversight that the many ordinances made by the present councilors since they started their term July 1 last year have not yet been uploaded in the City Hall’s website.

Sidlak yesterday bannered the story that based on the posting of the city’s well-updated website on, it appears that the present City Council including the previous two councils have a lackluster performance in legislating hard ordinances.

“The city website is not yet updated,” he said in an interview with Sidlak at his office yesterday.

The vice mayor said that “in fairness to the City Council” he has called the attention of the Information Technology division to make immediate update of the website with the output of the present councilors.

Earlier in the morning, Sidlak office in Tagum City has also received eight issues of biannual Sanggunian Digest magazine from years 2005 to 2007 delivered by a personnel from the Vice Mayor’s Office.

The issue of zero major legislation has reportedly stirred nerves of several councilors during yesterday’s session.

One councilor had even sent a text message to a member of the media community in the city reminding that Sidlak missed his ordinance that is already benefiting a lot of city scholars on vocational and technical education.

At presstime, Sidlak has yet to browse and gauge though the ordinances enacted by the present councilors based on the Sanggunian Digest magazine. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Two Tagum broadcasters stopped from airing radio program

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By Cha Monforte

July 23

Two broadcasters in Tagum City were advised yesterday to end their early morning radio commentary program effective today by the management of an FM station whose legal papers to operate were earlier questioned by several city councilors.

Co-anchors Ben Wang and Manny Pajarito, who have their Uswag Davao Siege (UDS) radio program aired from 6-8 AM from Mondays to Fridays over X88.7 FM station, said in an interview with Sidlak late afternoon yesterday, that they were subject of a “a deal” saying the management wanted them out of the air following reported pressures from the city councilors whom the two have been criticizing every now and then for alleged unproductivity in making legislations and lack of debate occurring in their sessions.

Wang alleged that Randy Marquez, the station’s “owner”, resorted to self-serving self-censorship in caving in to reported pressures coming from the questioning City Hall officials in exchange for the continued running of the city-paid one-hour developmental radio program following their blocktime.

A report published in another paper, Tagum City Mantalaan said that the City Hall is paying the station P25,000 monthly for its “Tagum Padayon sa Pag-uswag” radio aired from 8-9 A.M. from Mondays to Fridays.

Both Wang and Pajarito expressed dismay over the station management’s act of terminating suddenly their blocktime even as they have still P18,000 unpaid obligations to the station saying that they could not even bade farewell today to their listeners whom they claimed to have been growing day by day.

They claimed their radio program rating has already topbilled in the airwaves of Tagum City and neighboring areas due to their “truthful commentaries.”

They also said they had not criticized even for once Mayor Rey Chiong Uy adding they believe on the mayor’s good governance and management in running the affairs of the City Hall.

Lately, the anchors were heard to be critical to 1st District Cong. Arrel Olaño and to some boardmembers in the Davao del Norte aside to several city councilors.

During the Question Hour in last week’s Sangguniang Panlungsod session aired live over DXDN Radyo Ukay, reports said that most the city councilors participated in over an hour of “grilling” to the X88.7 FM management officials who were invited to be present.

During the Question Hour, the station’s manager Fernando “Dodong” Marquez  admitted that the X88.7 FM has been operating for a year now without the required Provisional Authority from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

He said though they that have already an application for affiliation with the Kalayaan Broadcasting Network (KBNI) but also claimed the KBNI has already given them temporary permit to broadcast when their FM station was allocated with the 88.7 radio frequency by KBNI.

During the same Question Hour, Edwin Garing, the station’s assistant manager, informed the inquiring councilors that all the affairs of the FM station is handled by the Expose Ads and Promotions, an advertising agency which contracted with the City Hall for its developmental radio program.

It was also learned that X88.7 FM has only a Memorandum of Agreement with KBNI but is not dated and not notarized.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum City council passes zero major ordinance in 1st year?

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By Cha Monforte

july 21

The Tagum City Council appears to have not passed yet a single major ordinance as far as the City Hall’s well updated website at shows.

In the link entitled Ordinance, the website has posts of 16 categories for the 34 ordinances dating back as far as year 1999 up to 2006.

Not a single ordinance dating 2007 has yet been posted in the website which could be credited to the present City Council, whose term started on the first official day of their work, which was July 1, 2007.

It appears that the posts in website link City Ordinances in the corner of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon are major legislations if not highlights in the row of categories showing the legislative accomplishments of the two previous City Councils, several members of whom are still currently serving their terms as second- or third-termers.

The major ordinances were categorized into business regulations., economic enterprises, education, environmental protection and ecology, finance, general administration, government administration, government programs, grant incentives, health and sanitation, housing and land use, peace and order and public safety, public works and infra, solid waster management program, taxation, and youth and sports.

Years 2001 and 2003 have no ordinance posted.

Year 2006 topped in the row with 11 major ordinances on or about the revised code of economic enterprises, prohibition of cutting of trees, shrubs in public roads, parks; defining quasi-judicial powers of the city council and rules in the administration of complaints against elective barangay officials; prevention and control of avian influenza, regulation of videoke machines, wearing of crash helmets of drivers and riders of single motorcycles; guidelines in the City Homes, comprehensive solid waste management, regulation on garbage control, collection and disposal; and the revision of schedule of market values of real properties.

The Tagum City official website is awesomely beautiful with the architectural drawing of the planned new city hall flushed up at the homepage. On computer older than the Pentium 4 brand running online on minimum broadband speed, the webpage though unfolds and streams rather exceedingly slow due to the embedded flash video. Its news link is well updated though.

The city’s website on URL was formally launched just last April 2. 2007 after a year planning and preparation, though the city’s informal website had then been in the Internet via free hosting under the URL

At its code source, it has a meta name author named Reynald S. Mendrico Jr, and a contact e-mail address,

For the website development, at least a whooping P300,000 has already been invested by the City Government through a supplemental budget approved by the City Council headed by Vice Mayor Rellon.

In complying with the e-governance law, the website has already downloadable pdf files like the pro-forma papers such as bid forms and certificates required under the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184).

In the website’s most recent Invitation to Bid, which was though posted only last June 30, was for the construction of the new City Hall building through the Development Bank of the Philippines loan financing targeted to be worth P72,952,960.20.

The downloaded Invitation to Bid informed the public of the July 3 deadline of the bids and July 14 notice of award. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)