Let’s bite harder the bullet

july 30

Tagumenyos are hit hard too by the global crisis and in our part economic hardship caused by skyrocketing prices of fuel, rice and other commodities. The city is too a microcosm of the nation. It is not an isolated part of the country. And Tagumenyos would now be burdened by the increased fare pegged at P10 and no longer P7 after the provincial board will concur with the City Council’s ordinance approving the P3 fare increase earlier sought by the lowly tricycle drivers and operators.

With this, the city is breaking as sort of record for having increased at what the commuters said as big amount when other places are only partaking a part of the global crisis at an increased fare jumping by P1 to P1.50 only.

If the provincial board so concurs with the city ordinance, then we’ll start biting harder the bullet, so to speak. It’s hard times made harder by the clamor of the tricycle drivers and operators who said it was long overdue as the gasoline price had long doubled up since then.

But the wonder of it all is why the affected drivers and operators demanded for an increase of P3 when the P10 fare is just equal to what the habal-habal drivers have all been asking at the minimum from their passengers. By asking for the P3 increase they made themselves more disadvantaged as expectedly passengers without heavy cargo or children in tow would now better prefer to ride the fast habal-habal single motorcycles as they have the same fare anyway. But that would be only during sunny days as passengers on the rush could still withstand a fast and short travel even under blistering and scorching heat of noontime sun. The heat could be offset anyway by the open tropical wind.

For asking to much be equal to habal-habals the tricycle drivers and operators themselves ended up losing more to the unfair competition posed by the colorum habal-habals that now outnumber the trikes. They will end up biting the bullet the hardest. We contend a discount of P1 less from the P10 or P9 average fare could give more better leverage for the tricycles to this stiff competition of ferrying the lucrative market of passengers in the city. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews.blogspot.com

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