NEWS: Tagum City website updated with major ordinances for city councilors

By Cha Monforte

July 28

The official website of Tagum City government on has been updated showing a plenty of major ordinances for years 2007 and 2008 days after it was charged of not having a single ordinance crediting to the present council.

Before the end of last work week, the city official website’s link on City Ordinances has already posts of eighteen  major ordinances passed by the present crop of councilors.

On various categories, for the present year 2008 the City Council has passed thus far ordinances creating the city’s consumer protection council, establishing the technical-vocational institute, the Tagum City Trade School, institutionalizing the literacy program, imposing rates for the sale of bidding documents and other fees,  appropriating new schedule of market values of real properties, allowing the transfer of City Hall to the new site at Apokon, requiring the sale and use of iron fortified rice, reclassifying of two parcels of land for Magdangal Martinez and NIA properties, granting burial assistance to senior citizens, and burial assistance of P3,000 for World War II and Korean War veterans.

For the year 2007 posting, the link has ordinances establishing the city vocational and technical educational scholarship program¸ adopting the mace of the official seal of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, enacting the comprehensive city fisheries ordinance, repealing City Ordinance No. 90-s. 2003 on the investment incentives code, repealing City Ordinance No. 257, s. 2002 on granting medical/ burial/ financial assistance to all barangay officials and functionaries in the city in cases of sickness, accidents, hospitalization and death, as amended; reclassifying a parcel of land owned by Veneering Master Woodphil Corp. from agricultural to industrial purposes, adopting the 2008 guidelines in the organization of purok, establishing gender and development code, and adopting the 2007 revenue code of the city.

Monday last week, Vice Mayor Allan Rellon admitted that the city website was just not updated with outputs of the present council.

He immediately put the city’s information technology division to task of uploading major legislations of the present councilors saying “in fairness to the City Council”. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


2 Responses to “NEWS: Tagum City website updated with major ordinances for city councilors”

  1. as concerned citizen of tagum city , I would like to voice out my complaints and opinion concerning the new tricycle fares implemented just few days ago. Its too much. People are suffering of financial hardship and here our city officials allowing this increase without conducting consultation to the commuters about the 10 pesos increase ,talo pa natin ang manila at davao city. I thinks its unfair for us ordinary commuters, walang increase sa sweldo pero sa pasahe sobra sobra. I hope that our honorable councilor will take into consideration on this matter.

  2. Dear sir, mam

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    yours truly,

    Kenneth Q. Gentugaya

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