The way it should not be


By Cha Monforte

July 24

Local legislation involves passage of resolutions and ordinances. By its two-face character, local legislators such as barangay kagawads, municipal councilors and provincial boardmembers are therefore expected to produce either or both of these local policy instruments. And as expected resolutions which are easier done come to be the mainstay and consist the bulk of the legislations of local legislative councils, not only in Tagum City but as well as to any other sanggunian in the country. Just browse the Internet and lo, we have easy tons of these.

It’s good that the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines is reportedly coming out what the Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon said as an E-Legis project. Well, it’s an electronic shareware project where important legislations in all city governments would be compiled in one huge database and shared online to the public. We hope a parallel effort will be made for municipal and provincial legislations.

But it still matters most if each city or municipal government will do the act of being transparent. The Tagum City councilors could not have been suspected of having lackluster legislative performance in delivering hard legislations that come out from no-nonsense researches relevant and demanded by the locals if the City Hall official website itself was peppered with updated and all of the city resolutions and ordinances, regardless how recurring and trivial they may be especially when it comes to resolutions. That way the public can know the range and quality of our local legislation and who among our legislators are prolific, industrious and creative, otherwise who among them are swivel-chair deadwoods and lazy. A resolution although easier to be made still entails or shows phases of works of our local legislators such as concept-making, writing, field investigation, coordination and consultation with involved stakeholders, committee hearing and works and finally the introduction, debate if need be, and the passage of the piece of legislation.

But what could differ from the chaff to the grain is the proof of hard legislation that has impact to the local constituents – that which help them, alleviate their plight, open opportunities for their empowerment and welfare, promote the greatest good for the greatest number of the constituents and develop the communities where the local legislators are mandated to serve. They are after all paid of the precious people’s money to legislate and not to do the known three Ps: pungko (sit), paminaw (listen) and pauli (go home). It’s the way it should not be.

BLOGBITS: Comval Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay appears on the offensive. By first declaring she’s running for the 1st congressional district to fill into the shoes of her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, who is now on his last term, she has pulled a fast one outbidding Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya, whom Gov. Chiongkee Uy has earlier described as “most senior than Maricar” in the Lakas-Kampi’s equity of the incumbent policy. That’s from the horse’s mouth but BM Maricar is putting the cart before the horse….Remember that VG Ramil has greater position as vice governor lording over lower boardmembers like BM Maricar. Ramil has 2 terms as BM (1 as SK fed prexy, 1 elected), and 2 terms as VG, so that’s a total of 4. BM Maricar on the otherhand has 1 term as SK fed prexy plus 2 BM terms. Precisely, a greater 4 is not equal to a lower 3…. VG Ramil is no pushover. It hurts to imply: that since BM Maricar is running for congress, she’s not thinking that Ramil will jump from the mammoth Lakas-Kampi ship. Not now when Gov. Chiongkee got the Lakas-Kampi provincial chairmanship. As they say, in the end blood is thicker than water… Belated happy birthday to Gov. Chiongkee who turned 56 the other day (July 22). The gov is younger than Cong. Way Kurat, 58 (November 16, 1950), provincial elder Pros Amatong, 71 (October 18, 1931), former Gov. Joecab, 58 (March 22, 1950), but older than Cong. Bobong Amatong, 47 (October 5, 1961). Forgive the dates, compliments from the net, aside that that’s just for the kongkos and political gatecrashers around…. Nabunturanons innocently got it all wrong for 51 years in celebrating their Araw including yesterday on July 23 on wrong date. Councilor Raul Caballero discovered a new evidence that the real Araw date is June 23, and not July 23. It was June 23, 1957 that Republic Act No. 2038 became a law as certified by the Office of the President Carlos P. Garcia. The law divided the then bigger Compostela town into two – Compostela and Nabunturan. Next year folks we’ll celebrate the Araw on real date- which is June 23 and not July 23 for the sake of correctness and truth. Kons. Raul has made a legacy of truth for his townmates.(For online edition, visit my blog at:


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