NEWS: Tagum SP official reports show scarce hard legislations

By Cha Monforte

July 23

The official reports of the Tagum City Council appear to show scarce hard ordinances crediting for the current city councilors.
In two recent bi-annual issues of the Sanggunian Digest furnished the other day to Sidlak, official records would show that the present City Council under the leadership of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon have only delivered at least six hard ordinances or those non-recurring, rare and research-based, non-pro-forma ordinances.
From July to December 2007, the present City Council only enacted at least four major and noteworthy ordinances which include the establishment of the city vocational/ technical educational scholarship program of Tagum City and its guidelines, the development, conservation and management of the fisheries and aquatic resources in the city, declaration of Musikahan sa Tagum Festival, and the adoption of the mace with the official seal of the Sanggunian Panglungsod.
The rest is mostly recurring ordinances augmenting budget appropriations across the City Hall departments, projects and activities,  counting at least 27, and at least four ordinances about reverting amounts to be made available for subsequent appropriations.
Two ordinances on the same period are apparently spot zoning ordinances,one from agricultural to industrial, the other from agricultural to memorial park.
The two bi-annual issues of Sanggunian Digest magazines for 2007 reported though that the City Council enacted 857 resolutions passed and approved, 152 appropriation and other ordinances passed and approved in 169 regular sessions and 3 special sessions.
A personnel from the vice mayor’s office delivered early morning Monday eight issues of Sanggunian Digest magazines to Sidlak office following report charging that the present City Council has not made a single major ordinance and that the the two previous city councils had also lackluster legislative performance based on the the well-updated City Hall’s  website on
Vice Mayor Rellon admitted that that the website was just not updated with uploaded legislative outputs of the present city councilos and immediately called the attention of the city government’s information technology division to make updates “in fairness to the City Council.”
Earlier several city councilors questioned management officials of a radio station in the City named as X88.7 FM for airing a blocktime of two local broadcasters Ben Wang and Manny Pajarito who have been criticizing the City Council for having scarce legislations and lack of floor debates in passing resolutions and ordinances.
The early morning radio program “Uswag Davao Seige” of the two broadcasters was suddenly terminated by the management who reportedly caved in to alleged pressures coming from the City Hall. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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