NEWS: Tagum City council passes zero major ordinance in 1st year?

By Cha Monforte

july 21

The Tagum City Council appears to have not passed yet a single major ordinance as far as the City Hall’s well updated website at shows.

In the link entitled Ordinance, the website has posts of 16 categories for the 34 ordinances dating back as far as year 1999 up to 2006.

Not a single ordinance dating 2007 has yet been posted in the website which could be credited to the present City Council, whose term started on the first official day of their work, which was July 1, 2007.

It appears that the posts in website link City Ordinances in the corner of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon are major legislations if not highlights in the row of categories showing the legislative accomplishments of the two previous City Councils, several members of whom are still currently serving their terms as second- or third-termers.

The major ordinances were categorized into business regulations., economic enterprises, education, environmental protection and ecology, finance, general administration, government administration, government programs, grant incentives, health and sanitation, housing and land use, peace and order and public safety, public works and infra, solid waster management program, taxation, and youth and sports.

Years 2001 and 2003 have no ordinance posted.

Year 2006 topped in the row with 11 major ordinances on or about the revised code of economic enterprises, prohibition of cutting of trees, shrubs in public roads, parks; defining quasi-judicial powers of the city council and rules in the administration of complaints against elective barangay officials; prevention and control of avian influenza, regulation of videoke machines, wearing of crash helmets of drivers and riders of single motorcycles; guidelines in the City Homes, comprehensive solid waste management, regulation on garbage control, collection and disposal; and the revision of schedule of market values of real properties.

The Tagum City official website is awesomely beautiful with the architectural drawing of the planned new city hall flushed up at the homepage. On computer older than the Pentium 4 brand running online on minimum broadband speed, the webpage though unfolds and streams rather exceedingly slow due to the embedded flash video. Its news link is well updated though.

The city’s website on URL was formally launched just last April 2. 2007 after a year planning and preparation, though the city’s informal website had then been in the Internet via free hosting under the URL

At its code source, it has a meta name author named Reynald S. Mendrico Jr, and a contact e-mail address,

For the website development, at least a whooping P300,000 has already been invested by the City Government through a supplemental budget approved by the City Council headed by Vice Mayor Rellon.

In complying with the e-governance law, the website has already downloadable pdf files like the pro-forma papers such as bid forms and certificates required under the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184).

In the website’s most recent Invitation to Bid, which was though posted only last June 30, was for the construction of the new City Hall building through the Development Bank of the Philippines loan financing targeted to be worth P72,952,960.20.

The downloaded Invitation to Bid informed the public of the July 3 deadline of the bids and July 14 notice of award. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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