NEWS: Family of hit-and-run victim seeks P3 M compensation from Nabunturan LGU

July 24

The family of a former barangay captain who was killed in a vehicular accident involving a municipal dumptruck is seeking for payment of P3-million liability compensation from the municipal government of Nabunturan.

Former poblacion barangay captain Nestor Palay was driving his single motorcycle when he was suddenly bumped off by a fast running dumptruck driven by municipal employee Rio Mira, who in the traffic accident report did a hit-and-run after the incident last June 27 at Purok 15 at the poblacion. Palay was still brought to the hospital where he later died.

Earlier, Mayor Macario Humol offered the family a compensation amounting to P100,000 from the third party liability insurance through the Government Service Insurance System with a waiver from suit. The Palay family refused.

Last Monday, the Office of the Mayor received the last and final demand for the payment of compensation from the Lopoz and Lopoz Group, the law firm tapped by the Palay heirs to secure liability compensation from the municipal government.

In the demand letter, Humol is given 15 days to settle the matter amicably, otherwise the Palay heirs will be filing criminal, civil and administrative cases against the municipal government.

The Palay family had accordingly spent about P500,000 for the hospital and related expenses.

The law firm said that subsidiary liability for damages for Palay are justified as undoubtedly and by public knowledge the victim was once a public official of the municipality and “his reputation is beyond question.”

The demand letter was jointly signed by three brother lawyers Atty. Rex Jasper Lopoz, Atty. Arvin Dexter Lopoz and Atty. Jaime M. Lopoz, Jr. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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