Yari na ang badyet!


By Cha Monforte

Last Monday the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Davao del Norte enacted the P40.18-million third supplemental budget without much ado. Though the session that ended past the twilight was marred by a heavy pounding of a gavel at the hands of an obviously irked Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, the passage of the budget came in rather smooth and sweet fashion, to say the least.

We don’t know yet what made the vice governor obviously fuming mad, with an apparently reddened face, in the middle of the verbal tussle between PCL-Davao del Norte President Larry Caminero and Boardmember Leopoldo Monteroso Sr. over a rather trivial issue about correcting a committee report. In the end, the good ordinance on participatory governance being proposed by Boardmember Jose Recarido Federiso was stymied, and… see you next week folks, I should say. But I still believe on the adage: “When there’s smoke, there’s fire” even as we’re not yet seeing a Great Seesaw in the session hall. Maybe, that would come by 2009 as BM Roger Israel might have implied.

Was it the miniscule appropriation of only P150,000 for the governor’s office (oops, sorry we have a typo error in Tuesday’s sub-head as it was printed P90,000), while the position above him- of course as in any other executive budgets in other turfs- eats up so much of the SB No. 3 that made Suaybaguio ultimately furious over the verbal tussle of Caminero and Monteroso? Or he just wanted to rein in a questioning boardmember, who is still a mediaman by heart, and go straight for the approval of the budget. It seems the vice gov was not minding at all his saling pusa budget.

The budget approval came so hastily. The SP jumped over another one week session of approving a budget certified as urgent by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario last Friday, when the floor leader Boardmember Greg Facula got 2/3 of the 13-men body in session on suspended house rules and put the agenda back for the third and final reading. It was hastily approved. Is Facula now a gameplan maker?

There was breezing speed in the approval of the budget measure when there was already an uneasy, impatient mood in the session hall while several other boardmembers were either chatting with each other, reading papers or were just unperturbed (sleepy?). Obviously, there was already such eerie atmosphere in a long-drawn out session even as the Solo Maria, Boardmember Janet Gavina, the chair of the finance committee, made sitsit to nearby boardmembers to call their attention to listen to her while she was reading and making motions for approval of P40.18-million SB No. 3?

After the gavel was mildly banged this time by the presiding vice governor to declare for the approval of the budget, we saw for ourselves the SP secretary making a hand signal to a subordinate positioned at the door with his index finger moving like cutting through his neck. And we thought that the long session had to end, at last. But somebody interpreted the sec’s hand signal might mean to say yari na ang badyet. Hearing none, the budget is hereby approved!

BLOGBITS: Former Nabunturan Mayor Antonio Tulio died Monday after a lingering illness. We’ll pray for the soul of the once popular and great town leader to rest in final peace with his Creator. For today’s youths, Tulio was a byword in Nabunturan especially during the time of Marcos as he was a known friend of the President. For once having sizable logging concession, Tulio’s luster stretched beyond the narrow confines of Nabunturan and was known by erstwhile big guns of the undivided Davao del Norte like Desiderio Dalisay, Alcantaras… Tagum City is turning green. Not by the trees but by the colors of its trikes. Drivers and operators say they are shifting to green color as their franchise could not be renewed without it. The renewal fee has also increased form P200 plus to P600 plus. Changing color, they say, is an additional expense. That’s besides the bane of making tricycles all green. Now erring drivers can have a good time of sneaking and vanishing fast into the sea of green tricycles, say the tsokolate drinkers and puto maya eaters at Rizal St. (For online edition, visit my blog at: https://cha4t.wordpress.com)


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