Viva Gay Festival!


Tagum City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy has hit the head in the nail when he fully endorsed the festival of the gays in the third sex even when our society has largely continued to cast a cocktail mixed of comedy, burlesque and crucifixion on them. Such open endorsement which even offers the full weight and might of the city government shows another side in the political will of the city mayor. That when it comes to the weak and discriminated like the gays whose sex lies between the men and the women, whom others say as actually composing the sector of women who are just trapped in men’s bodies (no pun intended).

Uy’s open and all-out support for the city’s gays is unprecedented, unashamed- given the other chief executives who fear of the backlash from the churches that haven’t yet recognized the productive role of the gays in our society. The mayor did not mince his words in giving tribute to the gays whom he said as the “people who are behind in many of our successful endeavors” in yesterday’s press conference at the freshly painted Rotary Park Trade Center .

Not since the late Quezon City congressman Ronaldo Calalay had started to champion the rights of the gays in 1995 has a growing number of Filipinos gone into awakening about the suffering of this discriminated sector in a macho society like ours. But still much has to be done for their full recognition past from mere tolerance of the gays’ stereotyped existence, which the Church continues to temper. Still, the gays after they get organized and asked for party-list representation before the last local elections, the Comelec doors were shut and until this day they remain to be in the advocacy stage for the passage of an anti-discrimination bill.

It is on these circumstances that the mayor’s strong support to the holding of the Binuhat Festival, for which even the larger Durian Festival of the city was keyed to support it, has to be appreciated and commended.

Even before it begins, we say it now Viva Binuhat Festival! (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

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