The hammer of Way Kurat


By Cha Monforte

Forget RMS in the equation 2010. Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes Jr. would seem to have a point in this even if so many things would still have to happen before that Dream 2010. Well, we also heard about his brother Lito possibly gunning again to one of the best coveted political posts in a province. It’s either the post of the governor or of the district congressman that is fancied by next-in-line provincial and municipal officials in the country. Roger M. Sarmiento might have already his good, old days that he becomes a has-been. Not until Cong. Way Kurat has established his own name by pounding hardly his home district’s soil with a hammer he borrowed from RMS. That’s proverbially.

There’s also Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya setting his own sight to the 1st District congressional post that Cong. Way Kurat is leaving by 2010, but the latter, reports say, wants the hammer to be turned over to her daughter Boardmember Maricar than to its owner- RMS. It was some three years ago that I really enjoyed seeing a Way Kurat heaping all praises and thanks to RMS on ACQ TV as he was being interviewed by the self-appointed son of god Pastor Quiboloy. That was after his first term but before his current term. How he thanked RMS then who nodded to complete his series of term. Way Kurat was also anointed and praised by the interviewing pastor, though in the drowsy enthrallment that I was in in that night of the tete-a-tete interview, figures without halos came hovering in my mind. It was a throwback scene of the film “The Dumb and The Dumber.” Err, I didn’t intend that, pardon Father, just being honest.

Maybe it was the good ways of Way Kurat that he has established a solid leadership and following in his district. A district, not the province, which belongs now to a unifying and some say, statesman Gov. Chiongkee Uy. But who else is most popular person and politician in Comval now? It’s not The Undefeated Pros Amatong. Actress Iwa Moto of Casoon, Monkayo? But she’s only an actress who doesn’t want to be known as taga bukid for hailing from Comval. S_it! It’s Way Kurat. Thanks for his calibrated scene-stealing dramatics: in carrying the ballot boxes, sweeping the floor of the Congress, giving kalamansi seedlings to fellow congressmen at the height of the impeachment try against Madam Arroyo. The unwanted sight of Way Kurat seen over ANC was his comical background act of his getting of a dried speck on his nostril when an opposition congressman delivered his anti-Arroyo speech during the nominal voting during the impeachment proceedings in Congress. Well, he already knew this issue during the last local campaign period. I’m a fan of Way Kurat, too, especially that RMS had then chickened out from getting his hammer. But maybe, the former congressman was still recovering that time by the loss of a loving wife Korina.

BLOGBUZZ: The Gov said it the other day that VG Ramil is most senior than Maricar, and while though it’s painful for him the principle of the equity of the incumbent must rule and prevail in the newly merged Lakas-Kampi party. Looks like there would be early reconfigurations that threaten the unified political landscape in Comval. It’s good the cat is already out from the bag as horse-trading and backroom negotiations can still be made. The Gov can still iron out kinks and crack a powerhorse, gigantic admin party anyone could not beat and easily get the monolithic INC’s blessings. Not in the dreams of Joecab’s holdover followers that has more number than the Sarmiento remnants. It’s also good for Way Kurat to get the vice gubernatorial slot while Maricar can have her easy reelection for the last term as boardmember so as not to rock the boat. After all, a vice governor Way Kurat can only wait for two terms for Gov Chiongkee to graduate in his three terms. Yes, Time travels so fast, electorally. And be the next Comval or the first Davao de Oro governor by 2016. (For online edition, visit my blog at:


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