No RMS comeback- Brillantes


By Cha Monforte

Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes Jr. said over the weekend that he was seeing to the contrary that there would be no political comeback of former 1st District congressman Roger Sarmiento in Compostela Valley.

He said that the province has already “new rules” in the political landscape that Sarmiento left seven years ago and following the last electoral exercise.

The mayor did not explain of the “new rules” but said that these would have to be seriously considered by any aspiring and emerging politicians in the province.

The Brillantes political camp of Monkayo is evidently still a political force to reckon with in the province’s first district as in the last polls it managed to trooped in a districtwide pro-administration political bloc under the Liberal party (Atienza wing) to campaign for congressional bid of Lito Brillantes, the mayor’s brother against Zamora.

In that polls, Lito Brillantes was defeated by Zamora, who was supported by Lakas Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee: Uy and four other Lakas mayors in the district.

September last year the Brillanteses and Uys through mediation of military and police officials had reconciled after years of being rivals in personal, business, and political aspects.

In an interview with Sidlak, both Boardmembers Armando Codilla of Monkayo and Neri Barte of Compostela town also expressed pessimism of a real Sarmiento comeback and both doubted whether Sarmiento has still considerable followers in the province.

Speculations have lately been circulating in the rounds that Sarmiento is planning to take back his congressional post as Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” is now completing his third term.

Reports said that Zamora is batting for his daughter Boardmember Maricar Apsay to replace him.

But Zamora’s bid for his daughter is strained by the reported interest of current Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya to run to for district’s congressional post.

At this early, Gentugaya is apparently most senior to Apsay in terms of position and hence could rightly claim to be the administration’s standard bearer based on the equity of the incumbent rule in the newly merged Lakas-Kampi party..

A Lakas-Kampi merger will effectively enjoin Brillantes pro-administration Liberal party into a unified and gigantic pro-administration coalition in the province.

But Lito Brillantes might again take another crack of the congressional post, or bargain for his fielding for the vice gubernatorial or boardmember’s post to preserve the Uy-Brillantes unity in the district. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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