NEWS: Gay festival in Tagum, CO has full backing


By Cha Monforte

When the city’s air smells durian, Tagum by then is holding what is billed as another’s rare tourism come-on- the Binuhat Festival which recognizes to high heavens the brain, brawn and beauty of the third sex- gays.

In a press conference held Wednesday at the Rotary Park Trade Center, Tagum City Rey Chiong Uy has expressed his active support to first-ever festival of the gays from July 23 to 27, a time inclusive of the larger Durian Festival which runs on July 18 to August 17.

The city mayor said that the gay festival is a “showcase for the gays who are the people behind in our successful endeavors”.

As he has his full backing to the gay festival, Uy urged the gays to unite noting of the division of the gays in the city.

But the mayor evaded answering the question on whether he is in favor for the same-sex marriage, that has become a so controversial item in the United States by just saying that anybody has the right to be happy and that happiness is not necessarily attained only through marriage. “Not all marriage is made in heaven”

On the same press conference, the city’s first lady Alma Uy, chair of the city tourism council, bared that the earlier scheduling of the Durian Festival as compared to last year has a reason and “it is to support the gays”.

She drummed up though that the Durian Festival this time would showcase a “right variety, right taste, right quality plus entertainment” for the exquisite durian fruit that “smells like hell but tastes like heaven”.

She said that the city government is targeting this time for the uniform pricing of the durian during the festival whether the vending comes from small, medium and big durian farmers.

She stressed that in the first place the durian festival is aimed to support the marketing of the produce of the durian farmers.

Ms. Uy said that the city and nearby municipalities and provinces would be having the expected harvest season of durian in time of the festival and when the local harvest would hit an end the harvest season would by then start in Calinan, Davao City.

The durians that come in to the city have become the early supply of the durian traders in Davao City, she noted.

She though observed that the durian traders are the still the ones benefiting in the industry as they buy the farmers’ produce at low prices.

“Now our own durian festival is really for our durian farmers,” said Ms. Uy


The five-day Binuhat Festival will have mardi gras during the opening salvo, standup comedy, safe sex forum, hair and make-up and fashion designing forum to be attended by the renowned celebrity hairstylist Rene Salud, fashion designing competition, hair and make-up and haircut competition, broadway gay production (impersonation), libreng gupit sa barangay, Tagum bading basketball, beach volleyball and awarding program.

On the other hand, the month-long Durian Festival will have motorcade, costumer service training, rotary park allied services training, sponsors big night, Emerald durian farm tours, lecture and demo, various culinary competitions, organic farming forum, arts and crafts competition, vermiculture clinic, photo exhibit, farmers technology evaluation and the best durian competition.

Major co-sponsors of the Durian Festival include Pepsi, Phoenix and San Miguel Corp. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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