Nixing Davnor, Comval sex scandal videos


It’s laudable that Buhay party-list Cong. Irwin Tieng has filed House Bill No. 4315 which seeks to penalize people who “knowingly possess” video recordings of “private acts, including, but not limited to, sexual acts.” Mere possession of this kind of video recording could put one in jail up to maximum of six months or be fined to a maximum of P500,000.

The bill is timely as victims are rising now of this sex scandal videos like those captured in pirated CDs that proliferate in the market, or those that ended up posted in pornographic websites or uploaded in the youtube in the Internet.

It’s really easier now for one to mass spread and circulate photos and video clips due to the cellphone and Internet technology. Still photos and moving video clips showing private parts of human body or sexual acts could be captured through the small camera, digital camera or cellphone that has built-in camera.

In fact, there are sex scandal videos where there was evident permission given by the woman victim. Maybe she was drunk or was forced to drink, or drugged or was trying to make an adventure in the fantasy of seeing her and her boyfriend making love in video. Whatever, privacies are intruded; homes, lives, futures are wrecked.

But sadly there are cases of these videos that were first taken for private purpose but ended up as another sex scandal video after a misfortune of having the cellphone or USB flash disk where the love video is contained lost or stolen This is what happened to the Iloilo sex scandal video which was figured by a male teacher and his young student girlfriend.

The latest worst is the Dasmarinas sex scandal where a college coed was gang-raped by a group of four. They took a video while they were raping the young girl. The video later spread in cellphones and chances are, it is already posted somewhere in the Internet. This condemns the future of the victim to hell while still on earth. This is tantamount to double rape!

Tieng’s bill is putting clear paints to the pertinent gray areas in the country’s laws relating against pornography, child abuse, rape and other laws protecting the women and the children.

It’s pretty right that the bill seeks to penalize from the very moment someone receives a sex scandal video before it is further spread ad infinitum. But a question lies on whether Tieng’s piece of legislation can see passage in a macho institution as the Congress. The debate of this can open up Burlesk King scandal anew that was alleged to be not true. Observers said there’s already a recent closure of it favoring Speaker Prospero Nograles although former Bombo broadcaster Alex Adonis continues up to this very day languishing in jail due to libel case.

By rice or by corn, Tieng’s bill needs public support. We rather want to see voyeurs, exhibitionists, maniacs, pirates and prophets of pornography and those who knowingly posses and spread lewd and smut photos and video clips land in jail than a libeled Adonis. It’s bye-bye to Davnor or Comval sex scandal video if Tieng’s bill is miraculously approved. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


One Response to “Nixing Davnor, Comval sex scandal videos”

  1. i totally agree with the realization of the house bill made by Rep. Irwin Tieng… it MUST be approved so as to lessen the abusees and humiliation going on with our women and children these days… i hope many would be updated with this bill and do something to approve this ASAP! those “NO-GOOD NYMPHOMANIACS” need to be punished!

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