The froth in Pinol’s mouth


By Cha Monforte

It appears that this North Cotabato Vice Governor Manny Pinol is stoking himself the fire in the continuing insurgency staged by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Trying to be historical twister, it was this Pinol, who was then the governor, who cursed and slammed the people’s power in Manila as nothing but a mob rule in power grab conspiracy against the present President who was then embroiled in a crisis for calling Garci.

It was Pinol who thundered at the Marco Polo Hotel in the city before Mindanao local executives that a federal republic was all needed that time while he wanted Mindanao to separate if Manila’s people power would succeed in throwing out Gloria from her present seat.

Reminiscing those thunderous town-crying rhetorics in the way Pinol, Zubiri and other Mindanao pro-administration politicians have not moved things to advance federalism now, would only unmask Pinol’s rhetorics then as a diversionary propaganda job with a spin of downgrading and belittling people power as past phenomenon and true only in Metro Manila and never for the entire Luzon, much more in Visayas and Mindanao.

But the report was- such gathering of Mindanao leaders strapped in Pinol’s own mob rule of local executives was made and funded by Malacanang to save what the militants dubbed as an illegitimate President.

In Pinol’s recent pique and tirade he blamed the government for MILF’s recouping of its strength after they were supposed to be made a spent force after the government seized the rebels’ main camp in Buliok Complex in Liguasan Marsh in 2003. He said it was a mistake that the government gave the Buliok Complex back to the rebels as a confidence-building measure in the current peace talks. Which explains, he said, why the MILF rebels are again disturbing and creating havoc in his province.

Pinol’s myopic view should be straightened out. It was a only a battle that had wrought on a major MILF camp but it did not end MILF’s war. For since when the Moro war was stamped out of existence especially in Moro predominantly populated areas like Basilan, Sulu, Jolo, Sultan Kudarat, Lanao del Sur. It’s in these areas where belligerency of sorts exists and a Christian like Pinol’s governance could not really fit in its uniquely different frame. It’s in the true-blue Moro ancestral land where Moro insurgency survives and gets its life.

It would seem Pinol dreams for a day when the MILF will be erased from face of Mindanao. It’s easier said than done. Which is why the government is already talking ancestral lands for the Moro people to once and for all stop this war and bring peace in Moroland. It seems that the froth in Pinol’s mouth showing about his regret over a long existing MILF comes out without remembering that his province alone is sitting in soil originally possessed by the Moros if not with the lumads. Statements like that which prods war than builds peace are reckless and irresponsible – unless he is on the way again of mouthing diversionary propaganda job from Malacanang which a peace grouping labeled as actually not wanting permanent peace to reign in the Moroland. The ancestral land issue for the Moro people by the way is just a seductive hoax in the package after all.

BLOGBITS: The P90-million bond flotation in Nabunturan was not calendared during the Comval SP session last Wednesday. Sorry folks, we’ll wait for next week session… Eyebrows were raised when the van ambulance donated by Councilor Raul Caballero last May 20 was not used when the wounded of the July 3 grenade throwing were rushed to Tagum hospital. The papers (OR, CR) are already complete to make it running, only that the deed of donation is being delayed by the SB majority. Even without the deed, what did Dennis Bugas, reportedly the “little administrator” of the mayor who was out in town traipsing in Palawan during the blast and immediate days after, want to convey in not using the donated ambulance to ferry the wounded? Did he mean he gave more importance to politics, of not wanting that the new ambulance which has words at its side emblazoned with “Donated by Councilor Raul Caballero”, than rescuing fast for the lives of the injured and dying? The deed of donation which the SB majority keeps on delaying could not prevent the donated ambulance from running in times of town emergency. Until now the ambulance donated by the councilor for the people is sadly not yet running. (For online edition, visit my blog at:


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