Hail to Inday Sara


Davao City Vice Mayor Sara “Inday” Duterte has just made her one-year debut in public office. While presiding the city council, she little by little proved she could steer it well regardless of the underlying conflicts in positions and agenda of city councilors, several among whom are considered veterans in City Hall politics including horsetrading. While acting as a mayor at the stead of her father who went on leave for health reasons, she showed she has mettle in running the affairs of the City Hall in the same way and mold of his father’s. But in Sara’s time it has of course a feminine touch.

Such touch was like a soft cushion made in timely manner after rigid and no-nonsense administration of the tough mayor. Sara may have the veteran mayor at her side to guide her or from whom she constantly seeks advice and guidance. She had flared up at once against smokers and proverbially wanted to cut nails of smoking ban violators, but her soothing voice relayed over the media and foremost her innocently friendly face flashed on screen have given ostensibly a feminine side of the long and tested Duterte Governance.

When she turns not battle-scarred after a year of debut in politics and comes out shining for yet an unknown position by 2010 as she bared last week, certainly there’s speculative air hovering up in the midst of a council where each wants to rise up one’s career but cannot, and at the far end, over the political war room of one congressional district in the city.

For holding off to say further from a leading statement, Inday Sara shows a maverick side of her political personality – which only leads a many to guess for more at this early. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) http://ruralurbanews.blogspot.com


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