No-hitch session


What a fast, no-hitch session the Tagum City council had Monday. Less than an hour before the city’s siren sounded its 12:00 noon alarum, City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon banged his gavel and declared the session adjourned. Numerous issues and agenda were taken up in various phases and layers in the local legislative mill- from committee reports, first reading to third and final reading.

The flow of the session was to say the least fast and without frill as those present, foremost the city vice mayor and the council secretary at his side, read too fast matters on agenda including the roll calls whenever there was a need for voting to approve a piece of local legislation, nary even the high raising of hands.

We felt yesterday that dramatics and rhetorics were already passé in a council that had already agreed or where members already and often met their minds before the session. Where’s the democratic debate, your honors?

It was already monotonous to hear of the city council secretary fast rattling down names of councilors during the voting, and his easy picking of shy hands raising for second the motions.

Maybe they have already done so much of their homework. Maybe it’s the way the council now behaves, delivers and churns out many legislations as the two different Lakas blocs have been united and the issue of majority and minority doesn’t already matter.

They may have all-too many resolutions and ordinances to boot for the public now. Nonetheless, quantity in delivering services to the people through legislations of policies, laws and ordinances that affect them is not the same to quality for which the public is much enjoined to see and judge what a homogeneous and united council has ever accomplished thus far for quality’s sake. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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