Rody and Nogie


By Cha Monforte

There’s more than what meets the eyes. We don’t say now that Rody, the Mayor, and Nogie, the Speaker, could not yet meet eye-to-eye. Judging the recent President’s visit, the mayor has still much time for a vacation, while Nogie has much time to merge political parties. In due time, they will meet as big leaders in the city. For this recently missed opportunity, the President for a time in the city had to sit back and relax, sans a verbal skirmish between the two. Hospitality and courtesy dictated silence while the President was here in the city.

What met the eyes during the return of the President was the lack of so much public hoopla of her visit. There was jubilation, yes, over the merger of estranged political parties but in so far as the ruling politicos are concerned. The opening of Bankerohan bridge, too, unlocked the snarl of traffic to the rejoice of motorists and passengers. The last time Arroyo visited the city there was that subdued jeering at the height of ZTE scandal. But life just goes on for the 1.3 million Dabawenyos, then and at the latest, regardless of the visit.

It was understandable that the mayor was nowhere in sight during the Lakas and Kampi merger. He’s with an independent Hugpong after all which is calling shots in city politics, regardless of the fact that the city has produced a national figure in the person of the Speaker. The city needs to have its due after all. Cebu has produced many national politicians and even Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental in the respectable persons of Senator Nene Pimentel and former Vice President Maning Pelaez. Include, too, the illustrious Moro son, former Senator Damocao Alonto of the old undivided Lanao.

We are not seeing yet a Tom-and-Jerry heightened brawls and chases in the city politics. There’s that 2010 scenario of Sara vs. Karlo, or Nogie vs. Sara, or Rody vs. Karlo, or whatever. The city populace is largely dumfounded by the unthinkable rise of rice prices. There’s large un-witnessing of the President’s visit, even if a presidential snub was accorded to the awaiting Mati public. Life still goes on anyway even if what meets the eye is silence the ever-lambasting militants, then, now and the future, will try to interpret under their unrepentant ideological frame, as a lull before a storm.

As this life goes on in a “stabilized prices of rice” at the skyrocketing range of P45-P49 a kilo, we still don’t know where are we headed to.

BLOGBITS: There’s a silent gold strike in different mountains in Mainit, Nabunturan. Accordingly, gold hit occurs within the Saraban-Inupuan-Noknokan complex. The regional environment and mines bureaus may not have yet known it. Speculators have since been silently trekking the mountains and reports said that a lot of police elements have joined the silent small mining fray…. Again, mining activities threaten the remaining eco-tourism potentials of the once famous Mainit National Park, now classified as a protected landscape, which still boosts of therapeutically hot and cold springs. (For online edition, visit my blog at:


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